AI Phone Answering Service for Restaurants

Cate AI is your Phone Call Automation System for call handling, from order taking to answering questions, giving you more time for what really matters — and much more.

Order Handling
Order Handling
Reservation Booking
Reservation Booking
FAQs & Intelligent Call Routing
FAQs & Intelligent Call Routing

Outdated Phone Systems Holding You Back?

Traditional phone systems and IVRs are creating challenges that frustrate both your diners and your staff. Here’s what’s going wrong:

Ever been swamped with calls during rush hours?
During peak dining hours, call volume surges, leading to long wait times and missed orders. This frustrates customers and overwhelms your staff.
Frustrated with order errors?
Taking orders over the phone often results in mistakes, leading to unhappy customers and lost revenue.
Wishing your staff could focus more on guests?
Staff members are tied up on the phone, reducing their ability to provide excellent in-house service.
Tired of managing bookings manually?
Manually managing reservations can lead to overbookings or missed bookings, disrupting your service flow and customer satisfaction.
Worried about inconsistent information?
Different staff members may provide varying levels of service and information, affecting your restaurant’s reputation.
Missing out on after-hours calls?
When your restaurant is closed, missed calls translate into lost business opportunities.

Outdated Phone Systems Holding You Back?

Traditional phone systems and IVRs are creating challenges that frustrate both your diners and your staff. Here’s what’s going wrong:

High Call Volume Management

Handle peak dining hour calls smoothly with automated call distribution, ensuring no customer is left waiting and every order is accurate.

Inaccurate Order Taking

Eliminate order errors using advanced speech recognition, ensuring every detail is correct for higher customer satisfaction.

Resource Allocation

Free up your staff by automating call handling, letting them focus on in-house guests and improving overall service quality.

Managing Reservations Efficiently

Synchronize and automate your reservation system to manage bookings seamlessly, preventing overbooking and maximizing table turnover.

Customer Service Consistency

Provide reliable, consistent information to every caller with standardized responses, building trust and enhancing your restaurant’s reputation.

After-Hours Responsiveness

Capture every business opportunity with 24/7 automated call handling, ensuring no inquiry goes unanswered, day or night.


Cate is able to assist in automating your business phone.

Restaurants can benefit greatly from ai phone answering service that can handle common questions from customers. This service helps streamline operations by providing quick and accurate responses to inquiries about menu items, reservations, hours of operation, and more. By utilizing a smart system like Cate, restaurants can improve customer satisfaction and efficiency in managing phone communications, including answering simple questions through their AI phone answering software with menu options.

Implementing a answering service for restaurants can significantly reduce labor costs. By utilizing AI-based voice ordering systems to handle multiple phone orders simultaneously, without placing customers on hold, restaurants can efficiently manage orders and decrease the workload on human employees. This innovative approach not only streamlines operations but also increases revenue potential through enhanced customer satisfaction and faster response times. With the help of natural language processing, our AI assistant Cate is able to assist in automating your business phone, allowing for natural conversations and a seamless ordering experience for customers.

Integrating a phone answering service for restaurants with POS systems can streamline order processing, reduce errors, and save time. By seamlessly connecting with popular POS platforms like Square, Toast, Clover, the service ensures that orders are accurately and efficiently processed through POS integrations. This integration not only enhances the overall customer experience but also simplifies operations for restaurant staff by bringing third-party delivery apps into one tablet.

During peak hours, having a reliable answering service for restaurants can make all the difference in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Cate's innovative voice assistant, ensures that every call is answered promptly, including greetings, and allows for multiple orders to be taken simultaneously without any delay. This seamless process not only reduces the chances of missed calls but also streamlines order processing and payment integration with the POS system, ultimately enhancing the overall dining experience for customers.

Restaurant operators are increasingly turning to phone answering services to enhance customer service and streamline operations. These services help ensure that calls are promptly answered and provide a personalized touch for callers. By utilizing a call center, restaurant operators can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased business success. Additionally, with the use of a restaurant answering service, customers will never be sent to voicemail or left listening to endless rings, ensuring a positive experience and potential for repeat business with Cate's automated phone system.

Implementing a answering service for restaurants can significantly enhance guest experience by reducing wait times, minimizing busy signals, and providing multilingual support. This tech-driven system not only streamlines operations and captures more opportunities but also ensures a seamless journey for guests. By leveraging technology to optimize guest interactions and call flow management, restaurants can elevate their customer service standards and stand out in the competitive industry.

AI phone answering system for restaurants

Simplify Your Restaurant's Operations

With Cate AI, managing your restaurant's calls has never been easier. From seamless integration to 24/7 support, our AI-powered assistant handles everything so you can focus on delivering an exceptional dining experience.

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Simple Signup
Effortless onboarding with a quick signup process, redirecting you to your personalized dashboard where you can add your phone number or choose a new one.
Seamless Integration
Integrate Cate AI with your existing systems like POS or reservation management. Our platform automatically fetches your menu and business hours from your POS.
Fine-Tuning the Assistant
A dedicated team member customizes the AI for your needs, training it to understand your menu, handle customer queries, and adapt to your operations.
Go Live
Once everything is set up and the AI is trained, go live. The AI handles all incoming calls and inquiries, monitored through a centralized dashboard.

Transform Your Restaurant with virtual telephone answering service

Discover the cutting-edge of restaurant management with Cate AI. Simplify processes, minimize waiting periods, and guarantee seamless customer engagements. Allow Cate AI to manage the calls, enabling you to concentrate on crafting memorable dining moments.

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Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How does a phone answering service help in managing reservations and orders for restaurants?

A phone answering service for restaurants helps manage reservations and orders by ensuring all calls are promptly answered, reducing missed opportunities. It streamlines the booking process, minimizes wait times for customers, and improves overall customer service efficiency for busy restaurants.

What is Cate AI?

Cate AI is a sophisticated virtual phone assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It's designed specifically for restaurants to handle inbound calls for orders and Q&A, thereby reducing labor hours and turning people on hold into paying customers.

I have a pizzeria, can Cate AI take orders for me that involves customizations?

Yes, Cate AI can take orders that involve customizations and special instructions. It can handle complex orders such as build-your-own pizza and half-and-half pizza.

How does Cate AI help restaurants?

Cate AI reduces the strain caused by labor shortages in restaurants. By automating routine tasks such as taking orders and answering common queries, it allows restaurant staff to focus on providing exceptional in-person service.

Does Cate AI require any special hardware or software?

No, Cate AI integrates seamlessly with your existing system and does not require any special hardware or software. We can provide a new number or port your existing number to Cate AI.

Can Cate AI transfer calls to restaurant staff?

Yes, Cate AI is smart enough to know when a customer needs to speak to a restaurant staff member and will transfer the call to the appropriate person. Customers can say 'talk to a person,' 'human,' or 'staff.'

Can Cate AI answer customer text messages?

Yes, in addition to handling phone calls, Cate AI can also respond to customer text messages and take orders via SMS.